Cellulose Fibers

Cellulose is our business.

From new products that allow for the construction of thinner, flexible hygiene cores, which also provide odorant reduction properties, to dissolving pulp substitutes for the textile, pharmaceutical and food industries, we welcome the challenge to work with our customers and develop innovative cellulose solutions.

When you rely on a supplier, you have to trust that supplier to know their business. Cellulose is our product and it is our focus.


Cellulose Product

Bhavani Tech Pack serve customers in a range of paper and board segments, and we deliver our pulp products around the world using state-of-the-art logistics. Whether you make board, tissue, specialty paper, or printing & writing paper, we can supply you with pulp that’s made to meet your needs.

We always know the origin of the wood we use


Bhavani Tech Pack uses wood from sustainably managed forests in areas where the forests grow more than they are used. More than 90 per cent of the wood used by Bhavani Tech Pack is certified. This is an excellent figure in our line of business

All of the wood we use, is traceable and comes from certified or controlled forests. This allows us to ensure the legality of the wood supply, as well as the acceptability and sustainability of the supply chain. We have a tracing system which allows us to trace the origin of the wood we purchase all the way back to the felling site.

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