Corrugated Packaging Products

Why use corrugated packaging?

  • Maximum Protection
  • Easy to Customize
  • Suitable for the printing
  • Cost-Effective and Sustainable
  • Great For Branding
  • Biodegradable
  • Light Weight
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Convenient storage and transportation

Our Packaging is Made By Us – For You

Bhavani Tech Pack is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging. we’ve created a unique-to-the-industry platform that provides the consistent high-quality, best-in-class reliability and total cost solutions our customers need to meet their most challenging shipping, storage and sales requirements.

Bhavani Tech Pack offer variety of corrugated options such as Die-cuts, RSCs, Bulk Cartons, Tubes, Trays, Partitions, POP Displays, Wraps, HSCs, and FOLs. We can customize the durability and design to fit your company’s needs. Corrugated is 100% Renewable and Recyclable


Corrugated. It’s not just a brown box

Corrugated Packaging Products

Retail Packaging & Displays

Displays and packaging that build brand equity and drive retail sales. We harness the talent, knowledge and capabilities of a fully-integrated, global business enterprise, focused on delivering forward-thinking, innovative solutions that lead to better business results for our customers.



We offer customized assembly models including full turnkey and co-locating focused on delivering the right customer results. Comprehensive warehousing, temperature controlled spaces and sophisticated inventory management system keep your projects moving at the speed of retail.

Inks & Plates

Bhavani Tech Pack Specialty Products business understands how to print success – from ink to plate manufacturing, let our team of expert talent help you deliver the most from your equipment.

Litho Lamination

Our specialty products business offers litho lamination solutions that deliver high-end graphics in order quantities that you need.


Let the most experienced team in the industry handle your preprint solutions. Our industry leading in-house plate manufacturing and mounting technology provides precise color registration – giving you better consistency between production runs.


Bulk Bins

Heavy-duty laminated bulk bins designed to safely store and transport a variety of solid and dry flowable goods, such as petrochemical resins, auto parts, or fabricators, throughout challenging supply chains.

Wet Application Bulk Bin

Wet Application Bulk Bin

To reduce sidewall bulking caused by product weight and flow rate of conventional bins, Bhavani Tech Pack incorporates the design of the Bin, which utilizes the geometry of an equilateral octagon that has been stretched to fit a standard pallet.


Bulk Packaging for Food

Bulk packaging for food involves some unique constraints, from food safety to special care in material handling to storage to retail outlets. Our bulk containers are manufactured to custom specifications in facilities that are AIB certified.


Liquid Bulk Packaging

Liquid Bulk Packaging, Ideal for a wide range of food and industrial chemical products and is designed for both domestic and export shipments.


Handle Sacks

We offer a variety of paper weight, bag dimensions and graphics to meet your needs


Folded Advertising Bags

Our free standing promotional mail insert bag provides you unlimited options to increase sales across all departments while bringing new customers to your business. design adds flexibility to your supply chain, promotes safe work practices, and builds sustainability into your business.

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